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Ahhh NFL draft season. One of my favourites times of the year! Not only do we get to see our favourite teams pick up a brand new player, we also get a chance to see the Browns waste yet another first round pick! (Total jokes, although Johnny Manziel, Brandon Weeden, Justin Gilbert and Trent Richardson, in recent years, may make it a little more serious) While last years pick, Baylor wideout Corey Coleman did turn in a solid season with 33 cathes,413 yards and 3 touchdowns, the question in Cleveland still lingers: when is the quarterback of the future coming to town? Here are a couple of things we should focus on when thinking of that.

  • The quarterback of the future will NEED an offensive line behind him to protect him.
  • The quarterback of the future will NEED a solid running game to alieviate the pressure off the rookie. (unless they sign a free agent)
  • The quarterback of the future will NEED targets to throw to (Terrelle Pryor is a Washington Redskin, so Corey Coleman and newly acquired Kenny Britt will have to fill those shoes)
  • The quarterback of the future will NEED a steady, quarterback friendly system that he can learn under and develop without being thrown into the wolves all too quickly, only to have the coaching staff either leave or get fired.

Just a couple of points there. It’s clear that this specific quarterback will require things that are not in his control. Mind you I was a huge Johnny Manziel fan when he came out of Texas A&M. He was fast, elusive, could throw on the run and proved he could win in the harsh SEC environment. (against Alabama for example) Unfortunately, partying got the best of him and now he is rumoured to be looking to make a comeback after a year of not playing. Moving forward however, is there a top QB in this years draft? I’m not quite sure. I can tell you this though. The Browns should stay put at number 1 and take a player who I think could help finally spur the change that Cleveland needs.

Pick #1: DE, Myles Garrett, Texas A&M


Garrett is going to be a star in the NFL. You heard it hear first. (well probably not first) The guy is a stud off the edge. At 6’4 and 272 pounds, not to mention his 4.64 40 yard dash, 41 inch vertical and 33 bench press reps, this guy is a physical specimen and an absolute freak in the gym. Add in 8.5 sacks in 11 games this past season (not a huge number but the tape tells more than the stats do) and you’ll understand why he should go #1.


Pick #12: QB, Deshaun Watson, Clemson

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Clemson vs Alabama

Watson is an intriguing pick. He is a solid prospect in a relatively weak draft class (Not sold on Mitch Trubisky or Patrick Mahomes) but Watson has proven he can shine in big games and has the statistics (4593 yards, 41 tds, 17 ints) to back up his claim as the top qb in the draft. He has no character concerns and played in a great program under Dabo Swinney at Clemson. While I don’t think he is a Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck type prospect, I do beleive he is the best QB available and compares favourably to guys like Dak Prescott (both 6’2, roughly 220 pounds, leadership skills) and Marcus Mariota (efficiency and poise in the pocket). Lets just hope that the Browns can surround Watson with talent on the offensive side of the ball so he does not end up like the last quarterback they drafted.