NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Green Bay PackersTalk about an upset win! The Indianapolis Colts were able to come away with the 31-26 win on the road against the Green Bay Packers!  Former Jacksonville Jaguar running back Jordan Todman opened up the scoring with a 99 yard kickoff return touchdown on the opening kickoff. Frank Gore turned back father time and ended up rushing for 2 scores, although his yardage could have been much improved. (60 yards on 19 carries) While Andrew Luck didnt have the greatest statistical performance with his 2 ints and lone td throw to Donte Moncrief, the 5th year signal caller out of Stanford played well enough to keep the game intact and not throw the game away. The defence was good enough to win (3 sacks and a pick by Darius Butler) although they did let up nearly 300 yards passing and 3 tds to Aaron Rodgers. As for the Packers, this loss has to hurt. They were suppose to win this game. It was at home, they had just lost a game the week prior and generally perform well against a bottom tier defence. (Colts D is ranked 27th in PPG) Miscues, poor play calling, missed field goals and drops cost them this game. The Packers are a talented bunch and should make the playoffs this year if they play to their level of talent. The Colts showed a lot of resilience and made plays when it mattered. Should this be a start of something special for the Colts, they should be able to battle it out with the Texans and Titans for AFC South division and should be considered favourites if it comes down to a winner take all game situation. All in all, a disappointing loss if you’re a packers fan and an impressive win for the Colts. Both teams are talented and expected to make the playoffs in their respective divisions. The Colts look forward to their bye week and rest while the Packers look to visit the Tennessee Titans in which they may consider a must win game to avoid losing 3 straight.