NFL: San Diego Chargers at Oakland RaidersWhat a heartbreaking loss for Chargers fans. This game was a battle up until the end! With San Diego leading 10-9 at the half, some were feeling good about holding Derek Carr to an interception (on the first drive!) and no tds in the first half and felt they could hold on. Not on his receivers watches apparently as Amari Cooper (64 yard td) and Michael Crabtree (21 yard td) both hit pay dirt in the third quarter. Antonio Gates (4 yard td) in the fourth quarter was the last time the chargers would see points as they let a field goal in the final 3 minutes slip through the punters hands as he fumbled the snap, SD recovered, OAK took over possession and you guys know the rest. You know the Chargers are a good football team. Bad teams don’t average over 30 points. Now good teams, at this point in the season aren’t necessarily 1-4 either but the fact is here are the Chargers. Holding onto the win has been their struggle this season. Leading Kansas City 27-10 and New Orleans 34-21, both in the fourth quarter, the Chargers lost both games and were in control for a heavy portion going into the fourth. The good news is Philip Rivers is playing lights out yet again and should have a good year. Melvin Gordon, a guy I was high on last year out of Wisconsin, is finally getting into the end zone after scoring the same amount of touchdowns in his rookie year as I did – 0! Onto the Raiders.

Boy oh boy does this team look like trouble! Remember the last couple years when Oakland  seemed like it couldn’t do anything right? Then Reggie Mckenzie came along from Green Bay and man is he doing wonders! Through the draft with players like Khalil Mack, Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph and through free agency with Sean Smith, Michael Crabtree and Kelechi Osemele, Mckenzies plan is finally falling through and he has the Raiders looking like the team no one wants to face. At 4-1, with the next 4 games coming against Kansas City, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and Denver, I could potentially see them closing out that 4 game skid at 7-2, with a loss either to Kansas City or Denver. No disrespect to the Jags (Who I’m VERY fond of, Bortles and the Allen Bros doing work) or to the Bucs (I see you guys taking that W from the Panthers), I just think Oakland will take care of business and the ACDC connection will be strong against those two secondaries. I never play any favourites (Even my favourite team, the Bengals i never favourite) but this Oakland team looks quite good. I almost want to say Super Bowl bound but I know that won’t happen.. yet. Derek Carr is a franchise QB, Amari Cooper is franchise WR, Khalil Mack is a franchise defensive all star.. these guys have a solid core to grow with and will only continue to get better. As for the Chargers, lets hope they can start winning games as they should be doing. 30 points PPG is no joke! The Raiders look to welcome Kansas City this week while the Chargers have a date with the Broncos. Both should be good games and may the better team win (Charger fans, that second W will come sooner than you think.)