Hi. My names Mario. I’m 19 years old and attend the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. This is my introductory post about my blog – unbiasedsportspreviews.com. I know what you’re thinking, oh boy another sports blog. Well there’s a catch with mine. The title gives it away, this is an unbiased sports blog. No favouritism towards any team, city, country, province, anything. Based off of facts and personal predictions. Mainly revolving around the NFL and NBA, I’ll basically be discussing predictions, going over previews for games, reviews of games, top scores and stats, updates, etc. NCAA, NHL, and local and nationwide football leagues – the Canadian Junior Football League and the British Columbia Football Conference will also be discussed. So yeah that is a preview of whats to come. Make sure to keep updated by hitting that subscribe button! Thanks guys 🙂