Man man oh man! How about dem cowboys? My bengals took a whopping with that 28-14 loss! Other then crying while I watched my boy AJ Green get shut down, I actually am very excited for the future in Dallas. That offensive line is the best in football and Jerry Jones decision to draft Ezekiel Elliot out of Ohio State with the 4th overall pick is paying off early dividends and he just may run away with the rookie of the year award. Dak Prescott is playing essentially a very high level of game manager. He’s doing what he has to do and doing it very well. Not turning the ball over, making moves with his legs, keeping that head up. He is looking good so far and I’m not sure if I would put Tony Romo back in, regardless of health, if Prescott keeps on balling like he did today. On the other note, one of my favourite teams, the Bengals (yeah don’t mention the playoff record) played a pretty poor game. Mind you this is against the best offensive line in football. Offensively however, they should have mixed it up. Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard – a combined 13 carries for 62 yards..! They need the running game to get going fast or we’ll be on the outside looking in. Great game for Dallas, not so great for my Bengals. Oh well. Looking on to New England and Tom Brady.. Hoping we come out on top but Brady’s come back, playing in Gilette.., it’s set up nicely for New England to win. Lets hope we can ruin it!